Please email info@mariannehendriks.com to request the Catalogue containing available work and prices. If you require high resolution images and situ photographs of specific art works please feel free to request them.


If you are based outside Europe I advice to purchase via Saatchi Art, they also take care of transport and insurance,

the pricing is the same.


Licence agreements are possible for high end Giclee Prints. Please inquire at Saatchi Art - rebecca@saatchiart.com.

Art Consultancies.


Saatchi Art - @saatchiart - Rebecca Wilson & Monty Preston - Curator - International - 2018/

Trustam Luxery Interiors & Project Art - Luxery Interior design - UK, London - 2019/

Four Hands - @fourhands - Art Curation & Interior Design - Austin, Texas - 2019/

Omey Projects - @omeyprojects Art Curation & Interior Design - EU, Portugal - 2019/

Eaton Fine Art @eatonfineart - Art Curation & Interior Design - USA, Austin - 2019/

GlobalArtAdvisory - @vika_arnaud - Art Consultancy - Dubai - United Arab Emirates - 2019/

VISTO - @vistoimages - Art Consulting Company - EU, France, Paris - 2018/

Werk aan de Muur @werkaandemuur - Fine Art Print Reproduction Company - EU, Netherlands, Haarlem - 2018/

Wonderwall - @wonderwall - Art Curation & Interior Design  - USA, Austin, Texas - 2018/

Local language - @locallanguageart - Art Curation & Interior Design - USA, Oakland, California - 2018/

DAC Consulting - @dacconsulting - Art Curation & Interior Design - USA, Atlanta, Gorgia - 2018/

Soho Myriad @sohomyriad - Art Curation & Interior Design - USA, Atlanta, Gorgia - 2018/


A record of ownership of a work of art is provided to guide authenticity. Sold art work are provided with a stock number on the back side of the paintings that correspond with a confidential ledger. In the inventory states also official names of the collectors. For insurance and collectors validation purposes an invoice is provided with purchase at a Fair, Gallery or personally from artist.


Please contact info@mariannehendriks.com for suitable press files publishing is up on agreement only. Imaging rights are all under the rights of Marianne Hendriks. 


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