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  • Where can I purchase a painting?

    The paintings are sold via representatives. This ensures that the sale procedure is handled carefully in the interests of both the collector and the artist. 

    Available at:

    USA/International/ Saatchi Art

    USA/International/Art Space

    EU/International/ Singulart 


  • How do I know what is available?

    You can see a complete overview of all paintings on this website, by clicking on each painting you can see at the info section if the painting is either sold or available.

  • How does a sale proceed?

    My representatives are there to ensure that the sale proceedings are handled correctly. The  the import paperwork and shipment/ documents and the contract/invoice are all handled by the representatives.

  • How long does the process take to buy?

    Worldwide - Upon payment received it takes 2-3 weeks to be delivered.

    EU - Upon payment received it takes 1-2 weeks to be delivered.

  • What is included in the sale?  

    The prices are all inclusive; vat charge, painting, frame, wall mounting system, wrapping and shipment. 

  • How do I choose the right painting?

    Knowing what is right for you, It is not always straightforward, there are many factors apart from your gut feeling. Main chief curator at Saatchi Art Rebecca Wilson represents my work and is always prepared to advice and help with curating questions. 

  • In what currency are the paintings priced?

    The paintings are priced in both euros and dollars. 

  • Can I request a price list?

    Yes, please send an email to info@mariannehendriks.com or refer to Saatchi Art.

  • Can I request a catalogue? 

    If you are interested in particular art work you can refer to the collection images to see what is available. You can get in touch and ask for a high resolution image or request photographs that are taken on an angle in daylight. 

    Can I reserve a painting?

Main chief curator at Saatchi Art Rebecca Wilson represents my work and can reserve art works for a limited time upon request.


  • Where can I purchase limited editions?

    Limited editions are available at Saatchi Art. All information on size and presentation is also on the Limited Editions page on this website. 

  • Can I purchase a non exclusive single fine art print upon request?

Upon request non exclusive prints are available at the representative art curation companies. All the companies do small and  large scale projects for both private and commercial.  

Available at:

USA/International/ Saatchi Art

USA/International/ DAC Consulting

USA/International/ Level 57 Art Studio

USA/International/ Four Hands

USA/International/ Eaton Fine Art

USA/International/ Soho Myriad


  • Can a buyer organize transport?

    The transport is always organized by the representative party to guarantee a secure transaction and an insured shipment method that includes import papers and a contract.

  • What shipment method is used?

    Shipments are organised with official pickup and delivery surface via DHL. 

  • What packaging is used? 

    All Paintings small or large are shipped in wooden crates with clear fragile tape, transport handle and opening sides marked. Inside the crate, the painting is carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and with extra protection around the corners and sides. 

  • How long does a shipment take?

    Worldwide - Upon payment received it takes 2-3 weeks to be delivered.

    EU - Upon payment received it takes 1-2 weeks to be delivered.


  • Can I use paintings for an exhibition?

    Paintings are available upon agreement of terms and conditions, this depends on availability, timing and the project. Please inquire to discuss possibilities. 

  • How long in advance do I need to book a project?

    Adviced is to set a rough date to check availability. The agenda is usually at least 3 months booked in advance. Short notice projects are also possible but are not guaranteed.

  • What time line can I expect? 

There are always several projects running at the same time, therefore plan plenty of time to realise the deadline date in mind. 


  • What paperwork is provided? 

Every sale comes with an invoice this invoice is also proof of ownership, you can request a different name when it is a shared ownership, or gifted or a company purchase. It is therefore important to keep this document save. In case of loss you can always request a new one. All paintings are also numbered and named to insure a safe record keeping. 

  • Is there a ledger? 

Both the artist and representative have a personal ledger. The ledger is to insure proof of purchase and proof of rightful ownership of the paintings.

  • Is the ledger and purchase details kept private?

Both artist and representative keep the ledger private and will never be shared with a third party. 


  • How do I get a licence agreement?

A license agreement for a project is done with an Art consultancy to make sure that you get the right licence for your project.  

Available at:
USA/International/ Saatchi Art

USA/International/ DAC Consulting

USA/International/ Level 57 Art Studio

USA/International/ Four Hands

USA/International/ Eaton Fine Art

USA/International/ Soho Myriad

  • Can I get an exclusive licence contract? 

An exclusive licence is rarely set up, apart from created Limited edition that are licensed via art consultancies. Please inquire to see if work is available or if you are interested in bespoke work. 


  • How do I arrange a press release?

Press releases are possible on short notice, upon agreement and request all images are available on a google drive link that can be reviewed before choosing to download high resolution images that are suitable for official press images.  

  • Can I publish a press release without consent?

It is advised to notify and ask for consent by inquiring. This gives the opportunity for the article or feature to be shared with other channels to create a wider audience reach. 


  • What is the medium that is used?

All Paintings are painted on 3mm birch plywood and mounted on a cradled framework, each painting is seized/primed with four coates both on the front and back to insure quality and durability. The paintings are painted in traditional oil paint. 

  • What is the frame made out of? 

The frame is made out of thin meranti hardwood box frame model, designed and made by the artist. The frame is included with the painting. 

  • Can I request a bespoke frame?

You can request the painting to be framed at a framers company, this will be accordingly to the pricing of the framers.

  • I like to have no frame? 

The paintings come automatically with a frame, please notify if you wish to choose no frame. There is however no price difference to choosing no frame.  

  • How much does a wooden painting weigh?

The weight is not much more to a canvas painting with a frame. Small paintings are around 0.5/1.5kg and larger paintings are 2/3kg. Standard walls are perfectly capable of bearing these weights.  

  • Why is the painting painted on wood rather than on canvas?

Wood and canvas both bair different qualities. Canvas is known for leightnes in weight and for a gritty texture that is perfect for big brushstrokes. Wood is known for it’s fine texture and therefore suitable for finer detailed work. Wood is often not the first option as it takes a lot of work to prep and finish and therefore more expensive, but has a greater livespan. 

  • What is the lifespan of my painting? 

The artist has done as much as possible to protect the panel from both sides, this is very important to its potential preservation. When looked after well, oil paintings are known to have a longer lifespan than most other mediums. When looked after well the painting should be able to last centuries. 

  • How do I look after a painting? 

It is important to know that no medium likes extreme fluctuating temperatures and moisture levels. It is best to avoid bathrooms, kitchens and basements as they are difficult places to control. With open plan kitchens it is simply best not to hang the painting to close to the stove. The second enemy is UV-Light, therefore avoiding hanging it in a place that has full sunlight all day. This is almost unavoidable in modern houses that maximize the natural sunlight. North facing rooms and hallways are ideal because of reduced sunlight. You can either instal UV reducing windows or UV reducing cello tape that can be installed almost invisibly. The third enemy is settling dust in combination with grime over time. A separate ostrich feather duster just for paintings is a great solution, waving the feather duster just before the painting barely touching, creates the perfect airflow, once every two weeks is more than enough.