I frequently add small articles about great art books to the reading list and art studio work advice.  

I do a lot of studies and get a lot of knowledge from peer artists and great tutors. I like to share advice for artists at all levels and to give clients a nice insight in the work methods that can be applied. Finding the right knowledge and the right tools is like secrets that are being unfolded, thats why learning stays so exciting. Art is not only a person with a considerable talent but also someone that develops constantly by study, practice and observing. Art is also a science of connection with a wide range of mediums and knowledge and has a sense of developing your own relationship with these tools. This makes it so diverse and exciting, there are so many ways of looking at it and perceiving it, this makes it of endless possibilities, yet you as an artist have to articulate and be specific in what you want to achieve. 

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Photographing Art Work

This is really something you need to take time for and keep testing till you get it right. Saatchi and Saatchi give great advice.

Saatchi&Saatchi Artist Handbook

Colour Checker

Mark Carder, ambassador of Geneva paints is giving a tutorial on how to make your very own colour checker. A great tool for when you are colour matching.

Colour Checker tutorial

Art Material Magazine 

kM - KunstMateriaal / Art Materials. Academic information on technical material developments in the Art Industry.

kM Magazine

Proportion Divider

Mark Carder, ambassador of Geneva paints is giving a tutorial on how to make your very own Proportion Divider. A great way to check if your scale and proportions are correct.

Proportion Divider tutorial


Taking your work serious in every aspect will make you more confident and professional.  


Artists Stories

This book I consider a real treasure, full of great and crazy stories of famous artist.                                            Anecdotes of modern art                    ISBN 0-19-503813-4


Learning and Improving

I Constantly look at expanding myself by aiming to always improve on work, this keeps it exciting. I consider myself always as a scholar. 


This book is a great guide to exploring all mediums that are commonly used. Drawing and Painting ISBN978-0-500-23927-8


Naming and numbering your pieces of art makes book keeping easy for you, gallerists and buyers.                 Numbering Machine, Ebay, Car boot sales +/- 20.-.

Alla Prima

This book explains every stage of the Alla Prima style painting.                       Alla Prima ISBN978-0-8230-9834-7


Transparent Ruler

The ruler is not only for for perfect straight lines but can also help you with navigate as a gage finder, orientating if your proportions are correct. 

Transparent Ruler


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Editing Art work

Editing with a professional programme like Lightroom that is especially designed for photo editing for photographers. As the digital pictures have to get as close to the real painting, it's all about the small precise changes.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6 


Choosing Rubbers 

Jackson's Art Supplies Blog do great reviews on materials and tools. Tis  rubber review just shows how different every rubber can be and showing what a great diversity there is.

Jackson's Blog - Choosing Rubbers

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This website provides free printable A4 monthly calendar print outs, ready to stick on your wall and get going with your colour pencils, like in the movies crossing out passed days is just a great way of looking ahead and getting a good overview. 

Free Calendar Monthly A4 Print

Pigment Mill 

The Mill 'Verfmolen 'De Kat' is situated in North Holland - Zaanse Schans, showing national heritage. Worth a visit! 

Verfmolen 'De Kat'

Social Media

Social Media serves a great purpose, knowing what is happening in your industry is very important. This means Companies, Galleries, Artists, people, every one whom is involved in your industry. 



Artistic movement, practices and Ideology of Art History and Modern Art. These two books have great short descriptions of pretty much every art movement.                                         ...ISMS Understanding art ISBN0-7136-7011-8 ...ISMS Understanding art ISBN978-1-4081-7178-3


Desk Brush

A bit of an understated tool, but the desk brush is daily used by many creatives in all industries, to keep work space clean. Important enough to mention.            Desk brush, Art&DIY stores, +/- 5.-


Philosophy and Approach

Understanding different types of approaches gives an opportunity for new influences on your work ethics.        Wabi-Sabi ISBN978-0-9814846-0-0


Oil Painting 

This book feels like an all in one guide, explaining all media options in oil painting.                                                 The oil painting book ISBN0-8230-3274-4



Pencil Pointer

Yes you have a pencil sharpener but a piece of sand paper keeps your point sharp without your pencil and wood having the risk being split or broken. 

Pencil Pointer, also easy to make yourself! Stable grade 200 sandpaper to card or wood.


The Artists Bible 

This book is intended by the author for use by professional artists, it deals mostly with the chemical and physical properties of traditional painterly materials such as oiltempera, and encaustic, as well as solvents, varnishes, and painting mediums. It also has extensive coverage of ancillary activities such as stretching and preparing canvas, care and maintenance of tools, and conservation of older paintings.

The Artist's Handbook of Materials and Techniques ISBN-13: 978-0670837014



Professor Sir Ernst Gombrich

Professor Sir Ernst Gombrich is mainly known for  these three books; 'The Story Of Art', 'Art And Illusion' and 'The Sense Of Order'. There is also an online institute that is great to see an overview of his works.

Gombrich Archive

Pigment Mixing Demonstrations

These video's are developed by Vicki Norman representing the pigment supplier Micheal Harding. Demonstrating extending colour mixing palette's.

Vicki Norman's Demonstrations


Art Brush Soap

Brush Soap is to clean oil brushes and hands instead of spirits, conditions and gives more longevity. It is also completely safe in comparison to toxic spirits.                                                       Art Soap, Art Stores, +/- 2.-


Public Speaking

One should always consider that you are representing the work as much as being the creator. This book talks about presenting and talking about your work. Talk Like TED ISBN978-1-4472-6113-1


Tea towel to clean tools

Instead of tissues, I have an old tea towel to clean brushes, pallet knives and palette surface.                                       Tea towel, home stores, +/- 2.-

Spread Sheets

Keeping track of what you do and what you have come across is most essential in every industry and aspecially as an independant entrepreneur. This makes planning and keeping track of your book keeping explicit.                                   Excel Spreadsheet or Google Docs.


Understanding your Subject

I like to personally know a lot about what I have as a subject in my paintings. This is something that should extend constantly, studying is limitless and it is inspirers. 


Feather Cleaning

I have recommended also a brush but if you are working with very soft led  d chalk this to create a breeze hardly touching the paper. It used to be done with a whole wing, I however like to collect feathers in the park.

Feather, does not matter from what type bird it comes from as long as it's clean, white ones do show dirt best.


Drawing Bridge

The drawing bridge is a simple stick with a little wooden block on either end to lift it up and is slightly bigger then your paper size. This is great to rest you wrist on to not get cramps when you long durations of studies but most importantly it is great to keep your paper clean!

Drawing bridge - Easy to make yourself! Make sure you don't go higher then 2cm of the paper. 


Colour Theory

Colour Theory is a science, this website is wonderful, introducing 59 Theories. It is in German and you can click an English translator button, how perfect is this site! Great visual index and list of names of scientists.


Being consistent in work ethic on a daily basis and presentation gives you achievable goals and you set a sense of quality in place that is reliable to you and how your work is perceived. 

140 Characters - Statement

The 140 Characters text is about two or three short sentences, clearly stating what your work is about. This is something that you need to give time and takes several rewrites to get there. This is what you stick to when you explain what you do. Knowing this by hart is key for other people to understand what you do. 


I constanty write about my work and develop and improve it with my ghost writer, whom edits and clarifies what I want to communicate. Talking about your work is as important as the work itself.


Marmor or Glass Palette 

Instead of a wooden palette you can also use a marmor or glass palette, it is easy to clean and has longevity. Marmor, home stores sell them as coasters and tiling stores sell them as tiles. Ask Glass Cutter to sand the edges.               Marmor 18cm, home or tiling stores, +/- 5.-  Glass, 20cm, +/- 5.-

Spirit and Pipette

A good airtight container and a pipette reduces the presence of toxic and unpleased fumes.                             Pipette, Art stores, +/- 0.50cents.


Creative Thinking

I believe there is surprisingly little written about Creativity so a must have!            Big Magic ISBN978-1-4088-6673-3 

Old Masters

This book is great for understanding old masters techniques, showing every stage.                                                     How to paint like the old masters ISB978-0-8230-2671-5