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                                                                                                                                                                                             Photograph by: Joke Schut


Marianne Hendriks portrays nature differently; her motivation behind the paintings is the wonderment for nature. She is fascinated with how we relate to nature. She plays with the balance of nature, abstraction, and geometry, showing the transformation. The work is influenced by art history and art’s ability to play with illusion.

"I always found art captivating, it really entices curiosity. I believe that art has a decorative function. I love that art is everything but the obvious. Storytelling is what art is for me, I am crazy about stories, I like to think of it as serious play and conversation. I believe art has a great tradition but also invites one to explore and divert from it, as art is based on art."



Born 1987 Amsterdam - Nieuwendam "I grew up being outside every day, and when on family walks I used not to get very far. I was on the ground studying everything. I remember I wanted to touch everything, smell and sometimes even taste things. I would lick stones and compare, that's how curious I was, of course, I knew that you couldn't eat them. I collected everything, bugs, birds, leaves, sticks, shells, stones and moss. I would say hello to bugs, in case they would understand me, I talked to all things, to be honest. I would create stories around them, it was maybe crazy to others but I had hours of fun. I didn't know what most of the things were so it made sense to give everything my own meaning and function. Studying and painting nature now seems to be the sanest thing I can do."



The strong sense of geometry in the paintings is influenced by her background in architecture and design. Marianne’s art is a playful approach to simplicity, creating order and calmness, inspired by temples of worship. How architecture of worship is a means of making sense of the world, all the chaos of nature. Structure and order opposite of how nature is perceived, whilst nature can’t exist without structure and symmetry.



The paintings are a series of portraits of plants and leaves with an imaginative and naive appearance, showing underlying stories and associations. Marianne’s paintings contain many hidden meanings and elusive effects. You might sometimes have the feeling you are not looking at a plant but at creases of a sofa or an African mask. The plants have influences of human-like characteristics. Marianne wants to create a sense of intimacy and estrangement at the same time.

Her work shows a strong sense of rhythm by created patterns, repeated elements, and texture, giving the impression that the plants are alive. The proportions in the paintings are a play and search out of curiosity on balance of symmetry and disruptions with imperfections. Becoming a balance between realism and abstraction.

The portraits of the plants have a statuesque appearance, like objects of worship, with their sculpted texture and centerpiece symmetric composition.



The artist's craft is an important part of Marianne’s work. The medium she uses is high pigment oil paint using added carriers to create her own glazing technique. The paintings surfaces are cradled basswood panels. A rather new technique that has developed and has proven to be one of the most stable and smooth surfaces that exist in oil painting. The advantage is that the paintings are kept the light in comparison to other wood panel options.

The paintings are all framed, designed and made by the artist and are included in the sale. She has chosen to design the frames in a very elegant thin untreated box framed Meranti hardwood.



Marianne’s background is Architecture and Design, graduated BA Honours at St.Martins, London. The degree educated in conceptual thinking and focused on interdisciplinary practices and development. After graduating, her work history in the arts is diverse, working as an Art Director in different fields from theatre to TV commercials. Her diverse career has a big influence on Marianne’s paintings and is part of her work.