Marianne Hendriks is a diverse contemporary artist with her roots in product design, architecture and art.  The work is inspired by plants in an urban environment and drawing inspiration from art history. 

Marianne Hendriks was born in 1987 in Amsterdam. She graduated in architecture at St.Martins and Chelsea in London. After her studies, she worked at the augmented reality company String and did art direction for stage design for theatre and events.

In 2015 on a visit to Amsterdam, a big window of a house on the Amstel caught her eye. This window was completely overgrown by a huge pencil cactus squashed against the glass. The very multi dimensional cactus in its search for light was transformed into a two-dimensional picture on the glass. This inspired her to look at plants and take them out of context, changing the shapes and leaves of plants within her frames, showing her admiration of nature and at the same time creating a sense of alienation.

During all her life she was fascinated by nature and studied the forms, structure and texture of plants and animals. Her special interest of nature within an urban environment grew. Research stays an important part of her work and influences strongly the development of her paintings.

Marianne designs and constructs her own cradled Bass wood panels with frames made of Meranti hard wood.

She is influenced by Rousseau’s simplified paintings of nature and the transformative art of Mondriaan.